How Tall Is a Privacy Fence Supposed to Be on Your Nashville Property?

Fences are great for several reasons. They clearly delineate property and provide additional security against intruders. Fences can also give you and your family privacy by blocking the view of your yard and home from the street. 

If you are considering installing one, you are probably wondering, "How tall is a privacy fence?" The team at SafeGuard Fence & Deck is here with this short guide on privacy fences.  

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What Is a Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is a fence that blocks the visibility of your property from the street. Privacy fences exist so homeowners can feel more comfortable knowing their home is shielded from prying eyes. Privacy fences can also provide additional safety and security because they are usually taller than non-privacy fences. Unlike a chain link fence or wrought iron fence, privacy fences have flat slats that block visibility. 

How Tall Is the Typical Privacy Fence?

So, how tall is a privacy fence? The typical privacy fence is anywhere between six and eight feet tall. The fences need to be tall enough to obstruct a direct view into your property but not so high that it completely covers all parts of the building. Either way, many neighborhoods have regulations on how tall privacy fences can be. Compared to the average three- to four-foot fence, privacy fences are much taller and use more materials. 

Measuring a Fence

The correct way to measure a fence is to start at the bottom of the posts and measure to the tallest point of the fence, not just the top of the main picket and lattice section separating the yards. This includes any decorative elements on top of the fence posts as well. 

Note that fences that sit on a raised platform due to height differences between yards should measure from the base of the raised platform, not the ground on the adjacent side. Be sure you take all accessories into account when measuring the height of the fence. 

What Happens if My Privacy Fence Is Too Tall?

If you build a fence taller than regulations allow without the right permits, you can incur fees and other penalties from the city or your Homeowner's Association. In some cases, authorities could order that you remove the fence, which itself can incur a significant cost. 

That is why it’s crucial homeowners accurately measure their privacy fences. It would be very frustrating to build your dream fence and then have to spend a bunch of money taking it down. 

Differences Between Design and Final Height

Very often, the final height of your finished fence will differ from the planned fence design. The reason for this mismatch is in the wood manufacturing process. Nominal measurements for wood refer to the rough cut of the material before being processed, finished, and dried. These processes can slightly change the size of the wood, creating discrepancies between the planned and actual fence heights. 

Privacy Fence FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions SafeGuard Fence & Deck receives about privacy fences and their construction. 

What Is the Best Material for a Privacy Fence?

The two best kinds of materials for privacy fences are wood and metal. 

Wood is tough, aesthetically pleasing, and can be cut into large slats that effectively block vision from the street. The main downside of wood is it requires more maintenance and is susceptible to water damage. 

Metal fences typically use iron, steel, or some kind of aluminum composite. Metal privacy fences are also extremely durable and have very long lifespans. However, metal is more expensive to buy and install and can rust if you don’t take care of it. 

Another option for privacy fencing is vinyl. Vinyl is a low-cost option with a decent strength-to-weight ratio and is virtually impervious to water damage. 

Can I Build My Fence as High as I Want?

Most neighborhoods have limits on how high a privacy fence you can build. For most neighborhoods, you won’t be able to build a privacy fence more than eight feet high. These kinds of fence regulations exist to maintain the character of the neighborhood and protect the interest of communities. If you are not sure about the maximum height of an allowed fence, contact your Homeowner's Association or local planning agency. 

How Close to My Property Line Can I Build a Fence?

It depends on the specific state and municipality, but most places will require you to build a fence between two and eight inches from your property line. Other municipalities might allow you to build the fence directly on the property line, but you would then have to coordinate and share costs with your neighbor. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a Privacy Fence?

It depends on the scope and size of the project, but most residential fence installation projects take anywhere between two and four days to complete. The installation process involves site preparation, installation, and post-job cleanup. 

How Long Does the Typical Privacy Fence Last?

It depends on the materials you choose and how well you take care of the fence. Wood fences can last up to 25 years, while metal and vinyl fences can easily last over 50 years. You can extend your fence’s lifespan by regularly cleaning and repairing it.

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