6 Benefits of Having a Privacy Fence

Fences are an extremely popular exterior design choice, with Houzz reporting that from 2019 to 2020, fence installation and repairs increased by 166%. This trend is likely due to homeowners desiring more privacy, but not all fences are equally private. Privacy fences, which are built at least four to six feet tall with no gaps between panels, are specifically designed to keep prying eyes away. Here are six reasons to consider hiring a fence company to install a privacy fence in your yard.

1. Privacy.

As their name implies, the main appeal of privacy fences is the privacy they provide. Your yard belongs to you, not your neighbors, and it's only natural not to want outsiders staring at you or your family. A privacy fence ensures that nobody can see you unless you invite them into your yard.

2. Safety

Ordinary fences with gaps often provide an easy method of escape for children and pets. Privacy fences are built solidly without any sizeable gaps, so you won't have to worry about your toddler, cat, or dog running out into the street.

3. Temperature Control

A privacy fence's height can help to protect your yard from the elements. It shields you from the sun's heat in the summer and cold winds in the winter, keeping you comfortable during outdoor activities.

4. Peace and Quiet

If you have loud neighbors or live on a busy street, a privacy fence can block out some of the noise. Wood, vinyl, and concrete fences make especially effective sound barriers to give you the peace and quiet you deserve.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Privacy fences provide an excellent backdrop for plants and outdoor furniture, making your yard more attractive than ever before. They also block out your view of your neighbors' yards, so if you live next to someone with a lot of junk on your property, you won't have to look at it every time you go outside.

6. Increased Property Value

The many benefits of property fences make them highly appealing to home buyers. If you ever move out of your home, the presence of a property fence will likely enable you to sell it for a higher price.

The best privacy fences come from the best fence companies. If you're looking for a Nashville fence company to install a privacy fence in your yard, contact the fence and deck building contractors at Safeguard Fence and Deck for a high-quality, budget-friendly fence.

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