All About Curved Decking

One of the most important parts of designing a deck is deciding on the overall layout and shape. Most decks use a pretty geometric design with flat lines and sharp corners. This kind of polygonal design makes it easy to add a deck to a home. 

However, curved decking is increasingly becoming a favored option for Nashville homeowners. Installing a curved deck can make your deck look more unique and make a good first impression on neighbors and visitors. The team at SafeGuard Fence & Deck is here with this quick guide all about curved decking. 

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Benefits of Curved Decking

First, though, why should you consider installing curved decking? Below are just a few reasons that Nashville homeowners have been coming around on curved deck designs. 


One of the main reasons to install a curved deck is the aesthetics. Curved decks have a certain kind of elegance to them that rectangular decks don't. The curves give an air of sophistication and make the deck look like a better area for recreation. Moreover, curved decks look more natural as they can mimic and reflect the contours and curves of your home and landscaping

Maintenance & Cleaning

Curved decks can also make maintenance and cleaning a bit easier. With rectangular-shaped decks, dirt, and debris can get stuck in the corners near support posts, creating thick layers of grime. The sections of the curved deck don’t have corners, so it is much easier to sweep and remove all dirt and dust without it getting trapped. This ease of maintenance will make the deck last longer. 

Flexible Space

Lastly, curved decking is a bit more flexible in the kind of furniture and fixture arrangements it allows. Rectangular decks might feel constrained because every section of the deck has the same shape and orientation, potentially making it difficult to decorate. 

Curved sections can give each part of your deck a definite feeling of a "zone" that you can dedicate to a specific purpose. For example, the curved section of the deck can outline where the main seating area is. Or, the curved section can be where a firepit goes. 

Curved Decking Installation Difficulties

Curved decking has a lot of benefits, but it carries some intrinsic difficulties. The main difficulty is the increased cost due to the complexity of installing curved deck sections. The increased difficulty translates into increased labor and materials costs, all of which can increase the final cost of the project. 

Also, the nature of curved deck designs means the contractors might have to modify design plans multiple times. More generally, connecting curved to straight deck sections seamlessly requires some tricky woodworking. 

How to Build a Curved Deck

Interestingly enough, most curved decking sections are made entirely with composite rectilinear boards. Contractors can cut the board and angles and lay them together to form a curved outer side. 

First, the contractors lay the joists that will support the rounded section. Contractors cut the joists to the desired curved shape. The contractors will take great care to keep the joists straight and perpendicular to the curved edge of the decking. 

Next, the contractors brace the gaps between the joists using deck screws, forming the main deck framing for the curved section. The boards between the joists create straight sections; contractors cut these to create a large, continuous curve. The last part of making the curve is placing a plastic lumber fascia board to cover the straight sections of the joists. 

After installing the curve, the contractors will then lay the remaining composite boards to form the main deck surface. 

Curved Decking FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions SafeGuard Fence & Deck receives about their options for curved decking in Nashville, TN. 

What Is the Best Material for Curved Decking?

The best type of material for curved decks is composite wood. Composite wood is both flexible and tough enough to curve and hold its shape without cracking or snapping. Contractors can also make curved decks with heat and pressure-treated natural wood, but this process is difficult and will probably raise the final cost of the project. 

Is Curved Decking More Expensive to Install?

Due to the complexities in design and installation, curved decks are usually more expensive than traditional rectangular decks. Exact costs will depend on a myriad of factors, including materials, deck size, deck accessibility, and time of year. 

How Big of a Curve Can I Make?

As a general rule of thumb, the arc of a curved section of a deck should not be narrower than a typical semi-circle. Once you start to curve the wood past a certain point, it becomes much harder to smoothly connect it to the joists without creating gaps or cracking the wood. On the other hand, you can make curves much more shallow than the arc of a circle with little to no difficulty. 

How Long Does It Take to Install a Curved Deck?

It depends on the overall size and orientation of the deck. However, curved decks will usually take more time to design and install than rectangular decks of the same size. The reason why is that cutting fascia boards to install a curve takes more preparation time. 

Curved Decking Solutions in Nashville, TN

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