4 Questions to Ask Your Fence Contractor

According to Grand View Research, the fence industry was worth $8.3 billion in 2019, and it's expected to grow by 4.9% by 2027. That means there are plenty of fence contractors to choose from when you're ready to build a fence in your backyard. Choosing the right home fence company is important to ensure you have a fence that lasts. You can do that by asking these questions.

1. How Much Will the Fence Cost?

Asking for an overall price is important. A home fence company that works cheaply may do a rushed job or not spend as much on materials. For example, they might not use concrete to secure fence posts in the ground. This looks fine initially, but your fence will fall over in the long run. Be sure to also keep in mind that companies that charge too much may be overcharging you.

2. Do You Remove Plants in the Way?

If you have tree roots or bushes in the way, it's important to determine if the company will remove them. This scope of work is usually considered outside of fence installation. Some companies may charge extra for this work. Others will require that you hire a separate company for the removal process before they build the fence. Regardless, this is important information to know.

3. What Type of Warranty do You Offer?

The last thing you want to deal with is a fence that is improperly built and having to pay the cost of another fence to replace it. That's why working with a company offering a labor warranty is important. This warranty covers things due to the company's mistake, such as improper installation. However, it doesn't cover problems with the materials, such as if the vinyl fencing winds up cracked. Make sure you know all the warranty details before hiring a company.

4. How Long Will it Take?

When asking this question, it's equally important to inquire when the fence contractor can start. Because this is such a big industry, it's common for a fence company to be backed up for weeks. Some companies work on more than one job at a time, which can mean installation will take longer. Ensure you know the approximate work schedule before signing a contract with a home fence company.

Working with a fence contractor takes the stress out of fence installation. Contact Safeguard Fence & Deck today, and we'll answer any more questions you have!

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