Types of Farm Fencing You Should Consider for Your Farm

Every farmer knows that their farm’s fences are crucial for keeping livestock in, deterring unwanted guests, and creating a safe border for the property. With all the types of farm fencing on the market, you need to understand what fencing you need in different situations.

Whether you’re looking to fence in your farm animals or need Nashville privacy fence construction by SafeGuard Fence and Deck, it’s important to know which types of farm fencing will work best to create a safe, secure environment. Let’s look at the most common kinds of fencing for your farm.

Wooden Post and Rail Fences

One of the most traditional kinds of farm fencing is the wooden post and rail fence. As the name suggests, this type of fencing uses vertical wooden posts and horizontal rails to create a border around the area needing to be fenced in.

Aesthetically pleasing, wooden post and rail fences require a bit more maintenance than metal fences. It’s crucial to address rot, cracking, and other types of damage quickly to avoid major fence failures.

These kinds of fences are most useful for keeping large livestock like cows and horses. While these are quality farm fences, wooden post and rail fencing is not the best fencing option for smaller livestock.

Welded Wire Fencing

Chicken wire is named after the animal it guards the most—chickens! This wire fence wraps around metal posts driven into the ground. Its crisscrossing mesh keeps predators out while allowing chickens and other small farm animals to wander around inside. It’s not the most robust wire, however, and will not work for all areas where you need wire fencing.

If you need something more substantial than chicken wire, welded wire fencing consists of a grid-like mesh much like chicken wire but made of a thicker gauge metal. This kind of fencing is great for sheep, goats, pigs, and other similarly-sized farm animals.

Find yourself worrying about security issues on your farm? Barbed wire is useful for deterring animals and humans from attempting to enter your yard. You can use barbed wire along the tops and bottoms of any type of fence to add a layer of safety to your farm.

High-Tensile Fencing

High-tensile wire fencing is easy to install and maintain. To put a high-tensile fence together, you’ll install posts along the border for your fence. Then you’ll use fencing staples to secure this thick, smooth wire fencing along the posts.

These fences effectively keep large farm animals in a while offering many attractive features, such as low maintenance cost and the ability to add barbed wire or even electricity to the wires for an extra layer of security. High-tensile fencing can last for as long as 50 years if you install and maintain it well.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences act as safe borders for your property and prevent people and animals from entering or seeing your yard. Fencing in your yard for privacy reasons means the material has two requirements: It cannot allow eyes to see between the fence pieces, and the fencing cannot be so short that it is easy to see over the fence.

Many privacy fences stand at least six feet tall. The slats may be wooden or vinyl and fit snugly together to ensure that no prying eyes can see beyond them. These fences are sturdy and last a long time with proper maintenance, making them a great addition to any farm.

Most privacy fences are accompanied by locking privacy gates, creating a wall between your home and the world that enhances safety and security for everything and everyone inside.

What Types of Farm Fencing Should You Invest In?

Choosing the right types of farm fencing is important for the safety and security of your home, farmland, and livestock. Because of the cost of materials and installation, you should consider fences on your farm as investments and ensure that you get the best you can afford. Always follow fence installation with plenty of care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of your fencing.

Are you ready to find the right types of farm fencing for your farm? Learn more about fence options before making your decision.

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