How To Stretch Chain Link Fence: 5 Tips and Tricks

Does your existing fence have gapping, or maybe you want to add more area to your current chain link fence? Whatever the reason, you may need to stretch your chain link fence to get the most out of your materials and investment. 

However, stretching a chain link fence is a process that requires professional-grade tools. So, instead of worrying about stretching a chain link fence, get the best service with a premier team of Nashville's chain link fence contractor at Safeguard Fence & Deck. 

1. Check the Condition of Your Fence

Before trying to stretch your chain link fence, you should first check the condition of your fence. For example, if the fence material is extremely rusty or brittle, there may be better ideas than stretching it, as pulling this fragile material too far can create further damage. 

If a professional determines your home requires installing a new fence, you can expect to pay $2,090 on average for fence installation.

Another thing you should note is the number of links your fence has, indicating how far it can stretch beyond its current placement. Again, if you’re unsure what to look for, always seek help from a professional fencing company.

2. Use a Chain Link Fence Puller Tool

A quick tool that you can use to stretch a fence is a fence puller. This tool features a bar with hooks that latch on to areas of the fence links by hand. Typically, these pullers loop around the chain link fence fabric and, depending on where you pull, extend or contract the links.

3. Try Using a Belt

Another at-home method is to use a belt. Loosely put the belt around your waist. Then, simultaneously pull down on the attached fence area while pushing on the opposite side. This forces the opposite side to stretch. 

4. Use a Heavy-duty Fence Stretcher

Arguably the best way to stretch your fence is with a heavy-duty electric fence stretcher. This device features a metal frame that attaches to the links and expands them more quickly than most other tools.

The spots where you attach the stretcher, which professionals call “anchor points,” connect with chains. Applying pressure to one side of the chain link allows you to stretch the area between the chain and the anchor point. 

5. Hire Professional Services

Instead of wondering how to stretch chain link fencing, resort to hiring professionals to complete the service. This way, your chain link fence remains durable and protective while maintaining the right length for your yard. A professional fencing company will ensure that your chain link fence stretching gets done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Safeguard Your Property the Right Way

Don’t leave your fencing repairs to chance or risk injury and property damage by doing everything yourself. Safeguard Fence & Deck is the premier fencing company in the Nashville, TN, area, so call for your chain link stretching and other fencing needs today!

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