Chain Link Fence Maintenance: Best Practices for Homes and Commercial Properties

Chain link fences provide an economical way to mark property boundaries. Installing a chain link fence correctly and maintaining it prevents problems such as:

  • Rusty fences
  • Bent or fallen fence posts
  • Discolored fencing
  • Fencing that pulls away from the posts

Dilapidated fencing becomes more than an eyesore. Broken, rusty chain link fencing can be a safety hazard. When fencing collapses, it encourages trespassing and vandalism.

Do you need a dependable fencing contractor to construct a sturdy chain link fence and help you with chain link fence maintenance? Consult Safeguard Fence & Deck, the experts in chain link fence installation in Nashville, TN.

Protecting Your Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence marks a boundary, making it vulnerable to any person or thing that might cross that boundary. Extend the lifespan of your fence by taking steps to prevent people from scaling, climbing over, or slipping underneath the chain link fence. 

Install cameras and lighting to deter people from trying to climb over your fence. If that fails to prevent interlopers, consider replacing your chain link fence with a taller privacy fence.

Plants and animals can ruin a chain link fence. Clip any vines that grow on the fencing. Avoid placing fencing too close to trees or planting trees too close to the fence.

If you need more information about the best practices for building fences in areas frequented by wildlife, view this guide from the department of fish, wildlife, and parks in Montana. They recommend that you secure gates if you build a fence more than 4 feet tall to prevent wildlife from becoming stuck and damaging the fence trying to get out. 

Cleaning Your Chain Link Fence

Washing away mud and dirt with water and dish soap improves the appearance of your chain link fence. Clean your fence on sunny days and let the fence air dry or dry off the fencing to prevent the fence materials from rusting. Another way to protect your chain link fence from rusting involves applying a sealant every year.

Making Repairs to Your Chain Link Fence

Even with proper maintenance, you will need to perform basic repairs such as:

  • Replacing damaged fence posts
  • Reattaching chain link fencing if it pulls away from the fence post
  • Repairing loose or missing hinges if your gate starts to sag

If you need replacement parts or have questions about common chain link fence repairs, consult an expert in fence materials.

Tending to Landscaping Around Your Chain Link Fence

Part of chain link fence maintenance includes good landscaping. Remove leaves and other debris around the base of your fencing to prevent it from damaging the chain link fencing or the fence posts. 

Solve Your Chain Link Fence Problems With Safeguard Fence & Deck

Get the most out of your chain link fencing using the same techniques as professional maintenance technicians and property managers. 

For quality chain link fencing for residential and commercial properties, call Safeguard Fence & Deck. They look forward to helping you with your chain link fence maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

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