5 Privacy Fence Options You Should Consider

You value your privacy as a homeowner. That is why you should have quality fencing options when protecting your property. Not all homes are the same, so why should you settle for cookie-cutter solutions?

Homeowners enjoy many types of privacy fence options to fit their tastes and needs, making their homes feel safer and complete. The best privacy fence company in Nashville has created a list of five options you should consider for your next installation project.

1.   The Picket Fence

The traditional picket fence is a popular design across the country and is suitable for rustic and modern homes. This privacy fence consists of vertical wooden pickets the homeowner can install at any height they desire.

Those on a tight budget can feel comfortable with this excellent design solution. The simple installation and wooden material generally make this option a cheaper choice.

Simple DIY fences like these will also allow the homeowner to take the installation and repair initiative. The picket fence is easy to paint and replace.

2.   Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are generally more expensive than pickets because of their material. This solution consists of galvanized wire or vinyl woven together between supporting pillars. Though this option doesn’t provide the most visual privacy, chain link fences are sturdy and can last years without upkeep.

A chain link fence is great for conventional homes or rural property, like farmland. This type of privacy fence will withstand harsher climates. New homeowners often use chain link as their first option because it is reliable against damage and accompanies most aesthetics.

3.   Rail Fencing

A rail fence is another form of wooden barrier that protects your property. Rail fencing is a simple yet functional option for homeowners who prefer a non-intrusive look for their front yards. This design usually requires fewer but thicker and longer woodcuts to install.

This fencing solution is suitable for keeping large livestock. It is an affordable and sturdy choice for those who want to give animals an “open-air” environment. You can upgrade rail fences with chain link elements to provide extra layers of security.

Hiring fence staining services for rail and picket fencing helps improve the life expectancy of these wooden barriers. Professionals install and treat the fence with expert care.

4.   Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl walls have a higher degree of style and flexibility than many privacy fence options. These barriers use vinyl paneling that comes in many different colors and trims. The beauty of this solution is that homeowners do not need to repaint or restain it.

Vinyl privacy fences have the greatest level of visual privacy out of all the options because there are generally no gaps between the paneling. This design helps block the view of neighbors or their pets and creates the most “secluded” feeling for your yard.

5.   Hybrid Fences

A hybrid fence design consists of styles that combine two or more fencing materials. One example of this would be two-tone aluminum vinyl fences. This option provides a sturdy aluminum frame around conventional vinyl paneling.

Hybrid fences serve as more stylistic choices than functional ones. Nevertheless, the reinforcement of metal on wood or metal on vinyl can help fortify and sustain your privacy barrier longer in some environments. Suburban homeowners love this option because they can personalize colors and styles to stand out from their neighbors.

It’s Time To Protect Your Privacy

You now know some of the most popular and effective privacy fence options currently on the market. It’s time to get your installation started! Maybe you are still unsure about which solution is best for your home.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. SafeGuard Fence & Deck is ready to help.

Their fencing professionals help hundreds of residents every year improve the privacy of their homes with expert installation solutions. Know about financing options available to you by speaking with their friendly staff. They will give you the dream fence you deserve.

For more information about your privacy fence options or to schedule a consultation, contact SafeGuard Fence & Deck in Nashville, TN. Reach their office by phone at 615-472-2117.

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