4 Home Fence Materials to Consider

Are you interested in purchasing a new fence and are considering which material is best for you and your home? If so, you're in the right place. Making the right choice of fencing material is essential since it will increase safety, improve privacy, clear boundaries, and enhance aesthetics. In light of this, we've highlighted four different fencing materials to consider. Review this list below and start researching your purchase options today.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum fencing has various benefits. First, aluminum fencing has many style choices. For example, aluminum can come in black, beige, white, slate grey, and more. Additionally, aluminum fencing is known for its durability. This material won't be susceptible to corrosion and quickly rust like steel. These perks are also possible without any extreme maintenance. Once installed, aluminum fencing needs simple routine debris cleaning and no excessive protective coats to remain pristine.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is a popular option due to its low maintenance. This material is said to resist various damaging factors such as decomposition, pest infestations, and rust. Plus, you won't need to worry about constantly repainting and staining the surface since vinyl material retains colors wonderfully. In addition, this material won't become damaged by extreme circumstances like severe winds, precipitation, and excessive cold or warm temperatures. Keep in mind, vinyl is also known for its flexibility, meaning the fencing won't need frequent replacing.

3. Wood

Wood fencing is a superb option if you are aiming to be more environmentally friendly. Since wood is a renewable resource, you can be sure you're being eco-friendly during the home project. Wood fencing also has various sealing treatments available. With this considered, you can proactively increase the lifespan of your fencing and conservatively use resources. It's important to note that wood fence gives you style variety. Some popular style choices include cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine. The staining and painting options are limitless with this fencing option.

4. Metal

A popular choice is metal fencing material. In 2022, an estimated 69.2% of revenue contributed to the industry of fencing construction was from metal fencing, according to IBIS World. This stat is no surprise when considering that it's aesthetically pleasing and will instantly enhance curb appeal with its timeless, sleek appearance. Plus, metal fencing is durable and doesn't bend or scuff during extreme weather and other strenuous circumstances.

Review these fence material options above and consider which would work best for your home. After making this decision, contact the appropriate professionals to purchase and install your new fencing. Get in touch with Safeguard Fence & Deck today to learn more.

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