3 Factors That Can Determine the Cost of a Fence

Fences bolster home security, improve privacy, and they can even increase property value. Building a security or privacy fence around the perimeter of your property is a great idea, but how much will it cost? After continuing with this article, you'll find that different factors can affect the final price of your fencing. Read on to learn more about what aspects can determine the final cost of your new fence.

1. Purpose of Your Fencing

First off, we have to acknowledge the fact that the cost of your new fence will depend in no small part on its purpose. According to Angi, building a privacy fence costs somewhere in the range of $1,500 to $8,000. Security fences are more expensive. According to Homeguide, the average homeowner can expect to spend $4,500 to $9,000 on security fencing.

2. Material Composition of Your Fencing

Next, we need to discuss how material composition affects the cost of fencing. Generally speaking, you should go with a chain link fence if you want something affordable. Wood fences can also have budget-friendly price tags, but additional factors such as the type of wood used and the patterning will affect how much you'll ultimately have to pay. Homeowners who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality fences can expand their material options. Meanwhile, both vinyl and metal fences are prized for the security and privacy they provide.

3. Characteristics of Your Property

The cost of your new fencing will also hinge on the characteristics of your property. How much ground is the fencing supposed to cover? The installers will need to work that out first before they can tell you how much the project will cost.

Land area is not the only thing that matters here. You also have to account for the layout of your yard and whether certain parts of it are positioned higher than others. The quality of your soil and obstructions present in your yard will also impact the final price tag of your project.

You can save on your new security or privacy fence by working with the right people. Contact the team at Safeguard Fence & Deck today to learn more about our fence services. We can also handle the installation so you won't have to look for other building partners!

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